Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Episode 4: Hard to Die (1990)

Hello and welcome back to Brandon Ford’s B-Movie Bonanza!

Summer may be coming to a close, but I’ve got something that’ll surely keep you warm and tingly: 90 minutes with everyone’s favorite plaid flannel-sporting, raw meat-devouring, shower-spying pervo, Orville Ketchum, in Jim Wynorski’s classic tale of machine gun-toting babes trapped in a tower of terror!

Hard to Die, released to video approximately two years after its 1990 production, is an obvious spin-off of Wynorski’s previous effort, Sorority House Massacre II, though some recognize it as a direct sequel. This notion has always been downright nonsensical to me, seeing as how, well, there’s nary a college campus or sorority house to be found. Nevertheless, with its returning characters/actors and comparable premise, there is an inarguable connection.

As with previous films, Hard to Die was released in more than one edition: the original New Horizons VHS, which runs approximately 75 minutes, and the Concorde DVD, which runs approximately 84 minutes (this version also aired on Australian television in the early ‘90s). Both versions are long out of print, but I’m hoping a few of you managed to nab a copy of the DVD version, which is what I chose as my commentary’s source.

So, slip into your favorite plaid flannel, fix yourself up a big bowl of steak tartare, and for God’s sake, avoid any mysterious parcels! 


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