Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Episode 9: Frankenhooker (1990)

“Want a date? Going out? Lookin’ for some action?”

 What do you do when your fiancee is horribly dismembered by a juiced-up lawnmower gone berserk? Well, if you’re med school dropout Jeffrey Franken, you put her back together using the limbs of Times Square hookers!
Welcome to another titillating pun very much intended) episode of B-Movie Bonanza! This time around, I revisit Frank Henenlotter’s 1990 cult classic Frankenhooker. As per usual, I share fond memories of discovering the flick, compare the unrated version with the unnecessarily censored R-rated version, and toss in bits of trivia here and there.

I used the American Blu ray, which runs 1:24:11, as my source material. I’m almost certain that the UK release is the same (without, of course, the introduction by Frank and star James Lorinz), so if you want to use that to follow along, feel free. For you poor bastards with the trimmed Simitar DVD, you’ll be out of sync, as this version is cut by approximately 4 minutes.

So, what are you waiting for? Kick back, spark some supercrack, and join me for 84 minutes of tits and bits in this terrifying tale of sluts and bolts!



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