Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spotlight: Cutting Class (1989)

Yet another film no one seems to like except me.

I was quite young when I saw Cutting Class for the first time. Got it as a previously viewed VHS from Blockbuster and became and immediate fan, namely due to Jill Schoelen’s performance (I still say she should’ve been a much bigger name in the horror genre than she turned out to be). Believe it or not, I saw the movie a few years before Brad Pitt became an international object of lust. To me, he was just the guy from Thelma & Louise. I had no idea he’d go on to achieve such stratospheric stardom and success.

Below you’ll find 760 high-quality screencaps taken from an HD source. Since there are so many cuts and quite a bit of choreographed violence, I got more than a little snap-happy in my quest to capture each frame. True, there are also lots of close-ups, but Jill’s beautiful face was and is one to be closely admired. Enjoy.

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