Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Episode 41: Intruder (1989)

“I’m just crazy about this store!”

It appears I’ve dropped the ball in terms of posting episodes relatively close to the time they’ve been recorded, As a matter of fact, I have commentaries recorded upwards of seven months ago that have yet to see the light of day. No, it’s not because I’m lazy. Quite the contrary. I take a lot of pride and put forth a lot of effort in this silly little dog-and-pony show, despite the modest views and not taking a dime for the many hours I spend recording my thoughts, gathering images, and composing text. The last of this trio has always been the most challenging. This, in all actuality, is why it takes me so long to post the commentaries. True, I could just slap something together and call it a day, but that’s not, nor has it ever been, the way I roll.

And that, dear readers, is the first (and more than likely the only) time I’ve used the phrase “the way I roll.”

When I started B-Movie Bonanza, I had no idea what the hell would prompt fans of the genre to give the embedded player the old clickity-click, and so I’d just scribble whatever came to mind. For a while, I took to writing synopses for the films, something I truly despise, but I thought adding a little humor might make them more of a fun read. These days, I search for an angle, as any “serious” blogger would. Example: the Slumber Party Massacre episode, where I purposely decided to read screenwriter Rita Mae Brown’s autobiography, should she mention anything about the script and/or the film that I could transcribe. But the goddamn thing was so boring and longer than hell, I couldn’t even make it to the midpoint. Here’s a woman who obviously thinks the smallest, most inconsequential moments of her life are worth putting to paper and, insanely enough, that people want to read them. And then there was the episode for Carrie 2, which was purposely posted on the 18th anniversary of the film’s theatrical release.

So, things often get away from me a little longer than I anticipate, especially with being a “professional” author. After hours pening and editing original fiction, the last thing I feel like doing is planting myself in front of the monitor to put forth my questionable writing talents in a blog I doubt anyone reads anyway. If I sound bitter, well, that’s probably because I am, but I assure you, it has nothing to do with B-Movie Bonanza. This silly little movie commentary podcast is one of the few things that keep me sane.

For this episode, I used Synapse’s director’s cut Blu ray edition, which runs 1:27:30. So, should the mood strike you, please feel free to watch along. And I promise to be a little faster when it comes to posting future episodes. If that’s not good enough, then SUCK ON THIS! Get it? Line from the movie? End scene? Elizabeth Cox wielding a big knife? Anyone? No? Okay, just listen to the goddamn commentary.

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